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Welcome to our new site everyone.  The launch of the site will give us a platform to keep everyone updated with developments in the project as it goes along.

In terms of where we are now.  We completed the initial stage of the fundraising before the summer which allows us to proceed with the design competition.  The design competition will give us a range of designs from which to choose a suitable, permanent memorial to An Gorta Mór in Glasgow.  We are engaging with the Glasgow School of Art and hope to launch the competition over the next month or so.  The main cause of the delay at the moment is the selection of a suitable site but work is progressing on that.

The selection of the prize-winning bid will take place at social event which will combine a celebration of the artist’s work and also a further fundraising opportunity.  More on that later.

Once we have a design and we know the total cost we will move into the serious fund-raising stage.  That stage will take as long as it takes and we have not put a date on it.  It is important after all this time that Glasgow has a fitting and permanent memorial and that is the top priority of the Committee’s work.

In the meantime, if you want to become more involved with the Committee then please contact us.  Also if you are able to organise a local fundraising event then please let us know and we will work with you on it by providing a speaker if desired and/or by advertising it on our website and social media.

We hope that this will also be an educational project and we will post details of resources of interest on our Resources page as we go along.  As well as this, we hope to organise public meetings with speakers who are experts on the cataclysmic events which led many of our ancestors to this city.  So watch out for those.

We have a range of merchandise which can be purchased from our shop page.  Orders will take two weeks or more because we order them in a regular cycle.  If demand increases then we will look at this again.  All profits from the merchandise will go the memorial fund.

This is a project from within the community and for the community and we promise you this:

We are Building it!

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