We’re Building a Famine Memorial in Glasgow

An Gorta Mór Glasgow

 We’re Building a Famine Memorial in Glasgow

Between 1845 and 1855 over one million people fled starvation conditions in Ireland. Around 100,000 made their way to Glasgow. Coiste Cuimhneachain An Gorta Mór (Great Hunger Memorial Committee) has been formed to build a permanent memorial to those who died of starvation or were forced to emigrate, including those who came to our city during ‘An Gorta Mór’.

To ensure that we have a monument worthy of the memory of our ancestors who were forced to leave Ireland and those who were starved to death by the British government and the British ruling class, CCAGM is launching a design competition open to sculptors and artists at any stage in their career.

Our recent appeal for donations was an overwhelming success and raised over our target of £5,000 which will fund the design competition. Thank you to all of you who contributed so generously.

Once the design is chosen, and the cost of the memorial is established, the next stage of the campaign will be to raise the funds to build it and have it erected.

This website has been set up to keep you informed of our progress. There is also an online shop where you can buy goods with the An Gorta Mor logo. All profits go to the fundraising pot.

Thank you. We are building it!

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