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Public Consultation is a massive success

Around 200 people gathered last night in the heart of the Barras at the Barras Art and Design Centre to see, for the first time, the vision of the three finalists in the design competition to produce a fitting and lasting monument to An Gorta Mór and to the memory of those who died and those who came to Glasgow and elsewhere. The multi-generational Irish community gathered together to see the designs and to hear from the artists. There was a fantastic atmosphere as people went between the three models debating, deciding, changing their minds and going round again! For those who missed their chance, the models will be on display at St Mary’s on Sunday (13th) during the day but, in the meantime, here are the designs as introduced by the individual sculptors. The winning entry will be decided by 21 November so please email us your views by the first week in November. Then it will be full steam ahead to raise the necessary funds. Donations can be made via PayPal or by sending a cheque. Anyone who wishes to organise a fundraiser in their local area please let us know and we can provide merchandise or a speaker and help to publicise it. We are Building It!

2 thoughts on “Public Consultation is a massive success”

  1. The Malcolm Robertson piece for me should be given serious consideration. Famine was a weapon used by the British in just about every country they plundered. Robertson’s piece brings to life the horror, fear, the desperation, and hope however small, that those people must have felt in mid 19th century. For me, the horror, the fear, and desperation of those times should be the one thing you take with you everytime you visit this memorial. Remember the Millions lost and divided and pray for their souls, but also never forget those who facilitated in An Gorta Mor.

  2. It has to be the Malcom Robertson piece, it captivates the all encompassing effects of the famine, generations of families affected forever – it’s not a very happy piece and neither should it be – million dead, millions displaced, with a sizeable population landing on these shores were they had to fightnore hatred and injustices.

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