Famine memorial update

Apologies to everyone who has been waiting patiently for news of the plans for the long-awaited memorial to the Irish Famine.  The choice of site is what has been holding us up as we cannot launch the design competition until we are able to tell the artists where the memorial will be sited. 

We are currently is discussions regarding one possible site and we have permission for another.  Ultimately it looks as though we will be choosing between those two.  We cannot give further details just at this point but hope to be able to soon.

This update is just to assure you that progress has not halted, it is just that getting this part of the process resolved is taking a little longer than we had hoped.

Meanwhile fundraising continues and our merchandise is certainly very popular.

Once we get past this stage it will be full steam ahead.  In the meantime if anyone wants to organise a local fundraiser or a local educational meeting (or a combination of both!) please get in touch and we will assist.

Best wishes

Coiste Cuimhneachain An Gorta Mór

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